Restoring Your Smile’s Health with Root Canal Therapy in Norton & Barberton OH

There is a multitude of inner components inside each tooth that contribute to its proper health and function. These include connective nerves, blood vessels, and the innermost soft tissue called the pulp. When injury, severe decay, or repetitive treatment occur, the tooth’s pulp can become inflamed and infected. Not only will this cause intense pain and discomfort, but it will can jeopardize the overall well-being of your smile.

Dr. Loren Raymond, Dr. Paul Rohrbach, and Dr. Dominic Hohman are dedicated to saving afflicted teeth as much as possible with comprehensive root canal therapy. If you or a loved one are experiencing any of the above symptoms, please contact our Norton team of dental professionals today!

Performing Gentle Wisdom Tooth Extractions

When wisdom teeth are unable to grow into proper alignment with the rest of your smile, they become impacted and cause crowding. It is highly recommended to have these teeth removed as this typically leads to the development of cavities and can eventually contribute to more severe dental complications for the future.

Your extraction treatment begins with a thorough consultation and examination of your current dental state to determine your individual needs. Detailed x-rays taken by our team allow our dentists to craft the best course of action for your wisdom tooth removal. We work with our neighboring oral surgeons to ensure your treatment is effective, comfortable, and completely painless.

The Benefits of Endodontic Treatment at Raymond, Rohrbach & Hohman

To determine whether or not root canal is the best option for your smile, Drs. Raymond, Rohrbach, and Hohman will first decide if the affected tooth is salvageable. Our top priority is to always keep your natural teeth in your smile whenever possible. We offer Root canal therapy to rescue severely damaged teeth, so you can keep more of your natural smile intact.

Patients requiring endodontic treatment can have full confidence in their care as root canal therapy has many benefits including:

·         Saves Natural Teeth As Much As Possible

·         Restores Your Ability to Bite and Chew Comfortably

·         High Treatment Success Rate

·         Prevents Jawbone Degeneration and other Side Effects of Missing Teeth

·         Preserves Natural Dental Aesthetics

What You Can Expect During Your Procedure

If it is determined that you require root canal therapy, remember there is nothing to fear. Our skilled and experienced dentists are your ally in saving your natural teeth whenever possible as well as relieving your pain and anxiety.

First, we will numb the jaw to remove all feeling from the treatment site.  Then, Drs. Raymond, Rohrbach, and Hohman access the tooth and remove the infected tissue using special tools. After the interior of the tooth is sterilized and reshaped to make sure no bacteria is left behind, a biocompatible material known as gutta-percha is used to fill the canal.

Once the procedure is complete, we provide a temporary restoration to ensure your tooth is completely protected while we custom-craft your permanent, natural-looking prosthetic. We will then invite you back to our Norton practice to affix your beautiful, top-quality restoration.

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If you have a severely aching, decayed, or injured tooth, do not wait to see if the issue will resolve on its own. Seek the restorative care you desperately need by getting in touch with our Norton dental team today!




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